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About Wonderful

Wonderful Plastic Surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery hospitals amongst Koreans and Foreigners because of the high quality of our surgeries, impressive safety record and competitive pricing rates that we offer.

No Premium
Foreigner Charges

Many hospitals in Korea often overcharge foreigners, making foreigners pay a huge premium compared to Koreans.

With our special discounted foreigner rates, foreigners can get better quality service at a much more affordable cost!

National Certification

Wonderful Plastic Surgery Hospital is certified by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare.

ZERO Accidents Safety Record

Ever since Wonderful started, we have had ZERO medical accidents in our entire history.

Featured on Korean Media

Due to Wonderful's surgery quality and an impressive safety record, Wonderful has been featured in Korea TV as well as numerous Korean blogs and magazines.

Fully Catered for Foreigners

We provide airport transfers, hotel transport, tours around Korea as well as free translation services for all our foreign customers!

No Ghost Doctors

Many big hospitals in Korea use ghost doctors, in which instead of the main doctor performing the surgery, a junior surgeon does the surgery instead without the patient knowing.

In Wonderful we absolutely do NOT do this.

Wonderful Safety First

Zero Medical Accident Record

Safe Anesthesia System

Specialists in Each Area

Top Quality Safety Equipment

Pre-surgery Examination

Personalized Post-surgery After Care

Enhance Your Life

Recognized Worldwide

Wonderful Plastic Surgery's medical technology, professional medical staff, and safety systems are recognized worldwide. We have satisfied clients from all over the world who visited Wonderful Plastic Surgery
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