Breast Revision Surgery


Breast Revision

Wonderful's Revision surgery removes the breast implant after surgery due to an unsatisfactory shape, inflammation, spherical constriction, asymmetry, or damage to the implant and replaces it with a new implant by performing breast augmentation again.


wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea benefits of breast revision surgery

Recommended For

I want larger (or smaller) breasts

My implants have shifted

I want a revision surgery due to an unnatural feeling/shape

My breasts are asymmetrical

My ruptured breast implant requires replacement

Surgery Method

Surgery methods will be determined by cause of breast revision surgery.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast revision surgery reason capsular contracture issue

Capsular Contracture

Capsules of tightly woven collagen fibres are formed around the implant, causing it to shrink and tighten, causing pain and discomfort.

Revision Breast surgery is performed when the inside of the breast has hardened to the point where the implant can be seen from the outside. Existing implants are removed or replaced with new ones, or their locations are changed.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast revision surgery reason asymmetrical breasts

Asymmetrical Breasts

Following breast augmentation surgery, the breast size changes on both sides. It occurs when there is insufficient space for the implant, the implant moves, or an incomplete incision causes dislocation.

Following a thorough examination, a fat graft or implant replacement that is appropriate for each individual is chosen to perform revision surgery.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast revision surgery reason size shape dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction with size or shape

It is performed if you are dissatisfied with the shape or size of your breasts following surgery. A revision surgery is performed when the upper area bulges or if you want to change the size larger or smaller.

The existing implant is removed, the size or shape of the implant is altered, or the implant is moved to a new position to correct the shape.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast revision surgery reason ruptured implant

Ruptured implant

The implant has ruptured, allowing the contents of the silicon bag to escape, reducing the volume.

If the implant is made of saline solution, it will be absorbed by the body without causing any problems. If it is a silicon implant, it is thoroughly cleansed to remove the silicon before a different type of implant is inserted for a revision surge.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

2~4 hours



Stitch Removal

2 weeks


Discharged on the day or hospitalized for 1 night

Recovery Time

2 weeks

Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient.

Breast Revision Surgery FAQs

After the initial surgery, it is recommended that you wait at least six months (after the scar has healed and the tissues have stabilized) before considering a revision surgery.

It is recommended that patients who have had multiple revision surgeries wait at least one year before considering another.

In some cases, surgery should be performed within two weeks before the scar becomes raised and hard.

When breast augmentation is done, the implant stretches the breast tissue, causing pain. Although there are individual differences, revision breast surgery generally causes less pain because the tissue is expanded during the first image operation.

It could be similar to or longer than the first operation. In some cases, you return to work the next day, while in others, you can resume your normal routine. Individual recovery times may differ.

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