Breast Reduction Surgery

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast reduction surgery information

Breast Reduction

Wonderful's Breast Reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue to correct sagging breasts.


wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea benefits of breast reduction surgery

Recommended For

I have saggy breasts as a result of breastfeeding

I have irritation under my breasts

I am not satisfied with my large and saggy breasts

My sagging breasts are causing me mental anguish

My massive breasts cause pain in my upper back, neck, and shoulders

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast reduction surgery problems with huge breasts

Problems with large breasts

Women with large breasts may not only have cosmetic issues but health issues as well:

• Pain on breasts, neck, shoulders, and waist
• Scoliosis
• Low self-esteem
• Regular headaches
• Under-breast stretch marks
• Infection of the skin beneath the breasts

Breast reduction surgery removes a portion of the enlarged breast tissue and replaces it with a beautiful breast of the proper size.

Surgery Method

A highly skilled specialist performs a personalized surgery through systematic analysis. Surgery method depends on incision types.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast reduction vertical incision

Vertical Incision

The most common surgery method and produces beautiful shape after surgery. Incision made from the edge of the areola vertically 4–5 cm down. If beasts are huge, the periareolar incision will result in a larger mass reduction. Does not affect nipple sensation.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast reduction areola incision

Areola Incision

It's ideal for breasts that aren't too big or sagging too much. Scars with limited visibility around the nipples that are unnoticeable.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast reduction anchor shaped incision

Anchor-shaped incision

The most traditional surgery method. Make an incision around the nipples in the shape of an anchor. It works well on large and severely sagging breasts.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

5 hours



Stitch Removal

2 weeks


Discharged on the day or hospitalized for 1 night

Recovery Time

2 weeks

Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient.

Breast Reduction Surgery FAQs

Breast reduction surgery is not a dangerous procedure, but it is a highly difficult and complicated procedure.

Therefore, your surgeon must understand the anatomy of your breasts to achieve safe and satisfactory results.

We recommend a hospital like Wonderful where the doctors prioritize safely.

Because augmentation involves implant insertion risks and reduction surgery involves excision of a wide range of mammary glands and skin tissue risks, neither can be considered more dangerous.

However, due to technological advancements, complications in both surgeries are estimated to be less than 1%, making it a safer procedure than before.

Some scars may remain after surgery due to the nature of different types of skin, which can cause scars after surgery.

After carefully designing the scar-free reduction area, it is meticulously sutured several times in layers.

After surgery, we use various dressing products to help minimise scars, and we use laser equipment to help manage scars.

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