Breast Lifting Surgery

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Breast Lifting

Wonderful's Breast Lifting surgery can change saggy breasts to firm breasts by removing fat, breast tissue and excess skin.


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Recommended For

As a result of my weight loss, I have saggy breasts

I have saggy breasts as a result of breastfeeding

I want to firm up my sagging breasts caused by aging

My sagging breasts are causing me stress

I was born with overly large breasts that are not firm

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast lifting surgery for saggy breasts

Breast Lifting for Saggy Breasts

Breast lifting is a common procedure for women who have given birth and breastfed their children. Saggy breasts are defined by the line beneath the breasts and the location of the nipple. Saggy breasts occur when the nipple is located beneath the line. Firm breasts gradually sag as a result of ageing, pregnancy and childbirth, dieting, and a variety of other factors.

Saggy Breasts Self-Diagnosis Method

Saggy breasts can be identified by the location of the nipples on the line below the breasts. Nipples should be 4-5cm above the line for ideal breasts. If the nipples are located below the line, surgery is recommended.


Grade A

Nipples are either on or slightly below the line (within 1cm).

Grade B

Nipples are 1-3 cm lower than the line, but are above undermost breast tissues.

Grade C

Severe saggy breasts with nipples that are more than 3 cm lower than the line and nipples completely head to the bottom.

Surgery Method

Breast lifting surgery takes into account the degree of sagging, the amount of breast tissue, and the elasticity of the skin. Surgery method is determined by the amount of breast tissue that must be removed.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast lifting surgery areola incision

Areola Incision Method

This method incises around the areola and removes some breast tissues. Reduces skin and breast tissue and raises the nipples to the desired position. Scarring and nerve damage are reduced.

✓ Suitable for mild saggy breasts
✓ Nipple repositioning is possible
✓ Reduced scarring and short recovery time

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast lifting surgery vertical areola anchor shaped incision

Vertical+Areola Incision Method

This method incises 4-5cm vertically below the areola and around it. This surgery method compensates for the drawbacks of the areola incision method and the lollipop shaped incision method by ensuring breast tissue removal, making it appropriate for women with larger breasts.

✓ Suitable for severe saggy breasts
✓ Can have same breasts size even after breast lifting procedure
✓ Less scars compared to lollipop incision

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast lifting surgery vertical lollipop incision

Lollipop Incision Method

This method incises around the areola and to the line below breasts like lollipop shaped line.

✓ Suitable for large and severely saggy breasts
✓ Reduces breast tissue, fat, and skin, as well as repositions the nipple.
✓ Can reduce more in comparison

Surgery Information

Surgery time

5 hours



Stitch Removal

2 weeks


Discharged on the day or hospitalized for 1 night

Recovery Time

2 weeks

Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient.

Breast Lifting Surgery FAQs

 Many women choose to combine a Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation to enhance both the shape and size of their breasts. This combination procedure can be discussed with your surgeon during the initial consultation.


The results of Breast Lift Surgery can vary depending on the individual and various factors such as age, skin elasticity, and lifestyle. However, in general, the results of Breast Lift Surgery can last for several years.

It is important to note that the natural aging process and other factors can affect the long-term results. It is always recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain a stable weight to maximize the longevity of the results. Regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon can also help monitor any changes and address any concerns.

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