Revision Rhinoplasty

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Re-operation is far more difficult and complicated and this should be done extremely carefully so Wonderful Plastic Surgery recommends getting treated by our specialists that are experienced in revision rhinoplasty.


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Before & After

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Recommended For

My nose looks crooked

My nose tip looks blunt even after rhinoplasty

I am not satisfied with height / width of my nose tip / nose bridge

My nose tip droops downward after some time

I can see the previous implant or cartilage through my nose skin

Common Reasons for Nose Revision

The nose width is too wide or narrow.
The nose tip is lifted and shortened excessively.
The nose bridge is crooked.
The inserted implant is seen through the skin.
The nose tip droops downward as time goes by.
The inserted implant is not properly positioned.
The cartilage inserted into the nose tip is seen through the skin or crooked.
The nose bridge is too high or low.
The nose tip is blunt and round.

Surgery Method

Nose Tip Revision Procedure

As time passes, the tip of the nose droops down

01 Through a precise diagnosis, examine the supporting power of the nose tip.

02 Performs septal extension or columella correction.

Contracture causes the nose tip to be lifted and shortened excessively

01 Remove the root cause of contracture and problematic tissues.

02 Insert a proper implant into the nose tip.

03 Extend the dissected soft tissues as needed.

The nose tip is round and blunt

01 Dissect scar tissues.

02 Reassemble the cartilage into a slimmer shape or reshape the tip cartilage into a diamond shape of customized size.

03 Graft it back together.

Nose Bridge Revision Procedure

The nose width is too wide or narrow

01 Re-designing the appropriate width of the nose bridge and considering the positioning of the eyebrow symmetry and how the design works well with other facial features.

02 Sculpt and insert nasal implant.

The nose bridge is crooked

01 Diagnose the cause of deviation and asymmetry.

02 Perform suitable surgical methods such as nasal bone osteotomy and implant replacement.

The nose bridge is too high or low

01 Adjust the size of the nose bone.

02 Insert an appropriate implant in consideration of overall harmony with other facial features.

Nose Implant Revision Procedure

The implant is visible through the skin.

01 Use AlloDerm or temporal fascia to protect thin skin, which can support the skin thickness.

02 Move the implant to the inner layer beyond the capsular fold.

The inserted implant moves / is not properly positioned

01 Examine thoroughly if the implant actually moves.

02 Fixes the implant under the periosteum aligning with the shape and curve of the nose bridge or replace the implant with Gore-Tex.

The cartilage inserted into the nose tip is seen through the skin or crooked

01 Insert an autologous dermis or AlloDerm to supplement the skin tissues between the cartilage and the thinner skin.

02 Or remove old implant and replace with a new cartilage implant and dermal tissues.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

2~3 hours



Stitch Removal

After 10 days
(2 visits required)


Not required

Recovery Time

May resume daily activities after suture removal

Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient.

Revision Rhinoplasty FAQs

After the initial surgery, it is recommended that you wait at least six months (after the scar has healed and the tissues have stabilized) before considering a revision surgery.

It is recommended that patients who have had multiple revision surgeries wait at least one year before considering another.

In some cases, surgery should be performed within two weeks before the scar becomes raised and hard.

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