Nose Rhinoplasty

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Nose Rhinoplasty

Wonderful's Nose Rhinoplasty completes a lovely and natural nose by designing each person's best matching nose angle, shape, and height. Straightening the nose both naturally and safely.


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Before & After

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Recommended For

I have a low nose bridge and I would like to have more volume in my nose

My nose tip is blunt and flat in appearance

My nose tip is rounded or blunt

My nose tip, nose bridge, and nostril are not completely harmonious

My nose tip is pointed too up or down or too long

Uses of autologous cartilage and implants

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea wonderful nose rhinoplasty autologous cartilage ear cartilage

Ear Cartilage

It is the safest and it allows the the shape of the nose tip to be the most natural, so the ear cartilage is usually the most common and preferred autologous tissue for nose tip shaping.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea wonderful nose rhinoplasty autologous cartilage septal cartilage

Septal Cartilage

This cartilage is also used often because it allows the angle of the nose tip to be adjusted easily. The septum cartilage also comes from the inside the nose resulting in no visible scarring.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea wonderful nose rhinoplasty nose bridge implant

Nose Bridge (Implant)

Raise the nose bridge by inserting a custom implant that is harmless to the human body. Nasal implants are added to increase the height of the nose bridge , considering the overall facial balance, profile lines from the forehead to the bridge, the distance between the eyes as well as the nose length.

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea wonderful nose rhinoplasty autologous cartilage

Nose Tip (Autologous Cartilage)

Correct the nose tip to balance with nose bridge height by using autologous tissue. Nose tip is reshaped using autologous cartilage, resulting in a nose tip with more definition that feels soft and natural with very low foreign body sensations.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

2~3 hours



Stitch Removal

After 7 days


Not required

Recovery Time

7 days

Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient.

Nose Rhinoplasty FAQs

Each person’s bruises and swelling will be different. 7 days after surgery, all stitches, tapes, and nose splints are removed.

Major swelling usually takes about 3-6 months month to subside while minor swelling will gradually subside between 3 weeks to 1 month, depending on the individual.

An incision in the nasal passage area and inside the nose is made during rhinoplasty, however, as it is a small and invisible area, there is no concern about scars.

The incision site may be red for about a month, but it will barely invisible after 2-3 months. In addition we will manage the condition for you with our Premium Aftercare Service as well so there is no need to worry.

Nasal septum cartilage located in the center of the nose is commonly used as a material for raising the nose.

In the event of reoperation or a lack of materials, costal cartilage from the ribs is used.

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