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Breast Augmentation with Motiva

Natural line and texture as natural as real breast!

Wonderful's Motiva Breast Augmentation surgery is excellent in viscosity and elasticity. The implant gel has excellent fluidity that changes flexibly according to gravity, giving you the natural breast shape and texture in any posture.

Natural both horizontally and vertically

When in horizontal position, the implant shape spreads, and when in vertical position, it naturally changes into a teardrop shape.

Smooth Silk™ Surface

Motiva exhibits almost no allergic reaction and capsular contracture. Because it is made of nanoparticles, it also reduces the possibility of inflammation caused by friction on the implant surface.


Motiva's blue surface is a special technology that improves safety by adding a layer of BluSeal®, which prevents the silicone gel inside the implant from leaking into the body.

Identical Identification Device

A chip with a unique identifier that can be scanned by a portable reader to provide accurate product information.

Certified Implants

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea breast augmentation surgery benefits of motiva breast implants

Recommended For

I want to regain confidence with breast volume

I am insecure about my flat chest

I want to have natural touch and shape of my breasts

I want to fix breast asymmetry while adding volume

I want to look good in pretty underwear and swimsuits

Surgery Information

Surgery time

2 hours



Stitch Removal

2 weeks


Discharged on the day or hospitalized for 1 night

Recovery Time

2 weeks

Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

Your ability to breastfeed after surgery depends on your prior breastfeeding experience and the surgical technique. If breastfeeding is your goal, fully discuss it with your plastic surgeon, especially one with experience achieving desired results, like Wonderful Plastic Surgery.

After the first week, patients can begin light exercises such as walking. However, it is crucial to avoid any exercise that involves the chest muscles or upper body for the first month after surgery to ensure proper healing.

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