Skin Whitening Treatment

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Skin Whitening

Wonderful's Laser Treatment improves and brightens your complexion by treating skin concerns and stimulating your body's collagen production. Collagen is a protein that, among other things, helps to structure your skin.

Laser therapy typically targets the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands, though it is possible to treat all areas.


wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea benefits of skin whitening treatment

Recommended For

My skin lacks elasticity and have dull skin tone

I want fairer and brighter skin

I have pigment problems (e.g. blemishes)

I have acne skin

I have wide pores

wonderful plastic surgery hospital in korea skin whitening treatment laser whitening treatment

Laser Whitening Treatment

Wonderful's Laser treatments help to improve the appearance of skin that has been damaged by factors such as:

• Sun exposure
• Harmful skin care products
• Pollution

Treatment Method


The doctor will examine your skin and customize a treatment plan during the initial consultation to determine which areas to target.


A cooling gel will be applied to the treatment area and possibly a topical anesthetic.


BBL treatments use a wide range of wavelengths to target the underlying layers of your skin.


This light energy is absorbed by the skin, which promotes collagen production and eliminates pigmented (darker) skin cells.

Treatment Information

Treatment time

30 minutes


Local, if necessary

Stitch Removal



Not required

Recovery Time

1 day

Skin Whitening FAQs

Within a few days, you should notice visible changes in your skin. Blemishes and blood vessels usually disappear after a few weeks.

Your skin may feel smoother and appear more even and brighter within two weeks of your first treatment. There may be fewer discolorations, fine lines, and pores visible.

The number of BBL treatments required will be determined by the physician performing the procedure. The number of treatments will be determined by your:

  • current skin type
  • skin condition
  • desired results

Following your BBL treatment, you may experience sunburn-like burning, redness, and warmth. This discomfort usually lasts only a few hours, but it can last for several days. Apply a cold compress to the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes at a time to relieve swelling and discomfort.

Avoid the following after BBL:

  • exfoliants
  • topical acne treatments
  • scented skin care products

Use lukewarm water to wash the affected area and avoid using hot or cold water. Do not scrub your skin with a loofah. Apply nonirritating skincare products gently and refrain from scratching, rubbing, or picking at your skin.

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